oxblood glaze - cliff lee
coral red
little red crayon had lots of use spring break
the actual weaving is an interesting process when working with a long piece because you don't know if its going to be compositionally balanced until you unwind it.
when i was little i wrote a song called "red scarf"
i have dry hands and a cat cut the webbing between two fingers. the little pool of blood looked like watercolor and was evenly coated, you couldn't see the source.
at the craft fair candice martin had stunning ceramic bowls that had elements that looked basket woven and red centers. she shared her commercial glaze/mason stain recipe with me.
i was barely able to finish the weaving with the reds i had. it ended up being a perfect amount of weft.
i bought a little right red antelope with black spots. all his parts come out because he's hand carved and fragile for traveling. he looks alien without ears horns or a tail.
its not that i don't like other reds. except the really wrong one which hurts my eyes to see.
I have always used this color as an small accent in larger colorful setups. It is interesting to focus on this color as the main component of my weaving with other colors acting as the accent.
at the tobasco farm, the seasonal workers carry around a little red dowel— le petite baton rouge — to check to make sure the peppers are ripe enough.
american psycho red

not my favorite
the town I'm staying in was originally called Vermillionville after the orangey red bayou nearby
for the past few years i have been checking every secondhand and antique store for the perfect red beaded necklace. every good one i've found has been much to expensive. today i went to a beautiful store on magazine street in new orleans to look at this man's collection of antique middle eastern weavings and he had my red necklace that i loved more than even the one i've been looking for. it was 100 years old from africa. it was 90$ though and i couldn't swing that. i should probably have just bought it.
children's uniforms at the holy name of jesus school
bar light on a bucks head
neon signs from the air in new orleans
the confused Baltimore birds keep me company.
my red coat is too bright for solo night walks.
I've had a red china-marker in my bag lately and its proved to be a useful tool,
but i just noticed everything in my bag has little scribbled red sections,
which I kind-of like.
sweet roasted red peppers
in the golden yellow jar
in the pan with olives
red crayon on small yellow leaves
and ankle breaking walking stick
and antler grave

trees try to comb my hair.
835 park door right red

but really wrong day
1970's astronomy film tyco feast red. some golden nose shit.
rainy highway traffic scene. different whites striped reflections with pearly gray purple. contrasting uniform red stripes on other side.
red breasted robin perched on the top branch.